Best graduated neutral density filter. National filter media corporation. Pleatco pool filter.


Best graduated neutral density filter. National filter media corporation. Pleatco pool filter.

Best Graduated Neutral Density Filter

best graduated neutral density filter

Avebury Trees, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Avebury Trees, Marlborough, Wiltshire

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a few photographers one morning for a guided day shooting with Antony Spencer and Doug Chinnery. The itinerary for the day was a bluebells extravaganza so we met up an hour before sunrise in a small car park near Micheldever in Hampshire.

We discovered that the bluebells were passed their best in this particular wood due to the unseasonally warm weather that we had been experiencing during April, the bluebells had been and those not kicked to death by other photographers were nearly gone.

We were led to an area of the wood, relatively unknown and most likely to yield some good ground. What I experienced just after sunrise will stay with me for some time although it was not the wonderful bluebells I had been hoping for.

Not long after I set up two very tiny deer came trotting through stopping only ten foot from my location. Seeing that their path was blocked by the other photographers I was treated to what was probably no longer than thirty seconds of the closest wildlife encounter I had ever experienced. I think because I froze to the spot the poor deer didn't know what to make of me so we just checked each other out for a while. What a cool experience and a lesson to get out early shooting and you might see something that you hadn't planned. I did think about putting on my telephoto but I probably would not have got it on in time and just wanted to appreciate the moment.

Anyway, after not bagging anything worthy we moved on the famous ancient stones of Avebury in WIltshire, an area I had not visited before. We had a walk around and over a large hill before happening on this scene of a small group of pretty trees bounded by a field of rape. A shame that the sky was cloudless but a nice scene nonetheless.

D700, Nikkor 70-200mm VRII at 70mm, f8, 1/160s exposure, Lee Polariser and 0.3 Hard GND filter.

Toll House

Toll House

A bit chocolate boxy and soft in all the wrong places.

Not the best of weekends. The freezer decided it would stop working and it wasn't until I needed to get something out that I discovered the contents were all at room temperature! So it must have broken quite some time ago for the temperature to rise that much. This morning some stupid woman decided that she could ignore what colour the traffic lights were and nearly killed Hannah. Luckily she saw the car jump the lights out of the corner of her eye and managed to move so that the car just clipped the side of her bike. The car drivers response to "are you stupid why the fuck did you jump the lights?" was to tell me that they were amber and that she didn't see us crossing the road! I'm angry now. At the time I was just worried about Hannah. Then on my way back home some bloke was stood at the side of the road looking left and right. Then just as I got about 2 foot away from him he stepped out infront of me! Apparently that was my fault because I was cycling quietly! Oh well I guess things can only get better.

The reinstall of windows went O.K. eventually. Stupid bloody machine.

Going to play catch up on comments etc. tonight sorry for being lax its been a hectic week and crap start to this week.

best graduated neutral density filter

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